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Twitter Users Can Now See The Number Of Tweet Views

Because the view counter is shown directly next to the like and retweet numbers, Twitter users may better understand how their message is performing.

Many Twitter users have expressed their delight at being able to know how many times their tweets have been viewed. Many customers were surprised by this update because Musk claimed that the feature would be available by the first of December.

Musk said it would take “a few more weeks” barely a week after saying the functionality would be available on December 1. However, the feature appears to have already gone live.

Users have noticed a view counter every time they clicked to expand their tweet. You shouldn’t feel bad if you haven’t yet received the functionality because it isn’t available to everyone.

The view counter, which appears immediately next to the like and retweet numbers, is the most logical location for the new feature. Regardless of how appealing the new tool may sound, it provides no new information because Twitter users have always had access to Tweet impressions via the statistics tab.

Because of this new view counter, users will no longer have to navigate the analytics page every time they want to know how their tweet is performing. This view counter, according to popular assumption, will be viewable to everyone, allowing users to see views on other users’ tweets as well.

At this time, it’s unclear whether Twitter intends to make the views on each tweet public or keep the view counter for each user private. According to Musk’s words, the functionality would offer Tweets with a view display “much like videos,” implying that this view counter will be made public.

Unlike previous occasions, Musk has not tweeted about the view counter.

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