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UAE Introduces AI-Petrol Pumps That Can Recognize Your Car And Preferences

ADNOC, a major oil company with operations in the UAE, plans to open three ADNOC Fill&Go fuelling stations powered by AI in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Future advanced fuelling stations will be incredibly technologically advanced, with features such as computer vision and machine learning. Because of more advanced technologies, gas stations can now remember vehicles and provide personalised petroleum services.


The procedure is both modern and practical. After registering their vehicle on the ADNOC distribution app, users can visit these gas stations whenever they want. The cameras will automatically recognise the car.

In addition, once you register for the app, your information will be saved immediately. and will begin refuelling the car with the selected gasoline type and quantity.

Also, after refuelling, customers will view exclusive offers for ADNOC Oasis stores on the fuel station’s digital screen.

However, ADNOC Fill&Go is currently located on Shaikh Zayed Road in Dubai, Corniche Road in Abu Dhabi, and Al Khalidiya in Dubai.

The predictive maintenance project at ADNOC is part of the company’s plan to speed up its digital transformation.

In addition, the fuel firm plans to roll out this cutting-edge service across the UAE in the near future.

This Development, which coincides with UAE innovation month, is testament of our continuing focus. To realise cutting-edge concepts while designing enjoyable journeys for our clients.

Aur Sunao - UAE Introduces AI-Petrol Pumps That Can Recognize Your Car And Preferences

The ADNOC flagship service stations also feature other cutting-edge items, such as solar and wind energy generation systems.

As a result, ADNOC is the national oil company in the UAE. It is the world’s twelfth-newest oil corporation in terms of production.

It operates across the whole hydrocarbon value chain, with a fully integrated business network for exploration, refining, trading, and petrochemical products.

Yet, AI-based techniques such as digital twins and machine learning are being used.

ADNOC’s predictive maintenance solution is intended to save maintenance costs by up to 20% while reducing unexpected equipment maintenance and enhancing reliability.

The company’s digital acceleration strategy includes the predictive maintenance project.

The main goal is to incorporate cutting-edge digital technologies into every part of the organisation.

ADNOC’s zero-emission project was part of the company’s good track record as one of South Africa’s leading producers of low-carbon electricity.

It also allows for the establishment of the region’s first large-scale carbon capture plant.

The company works hard to provide the services to its customers. The company intends to make its clients’ lives easier by providing a modern, high-tech system.

As a result, AI-powered technology will assist individuals in conserving their energy and final time before arriving and waiting in a long line.

The programme will aid citizens in obtaining the best possible results and comfort.

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