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Urtopia High Tech Bike Is Only As Good As Its Software

Last year, Urtopia debuted its ebike. The company’s goal was to develop the most feature-rich bike ever. To do this, a built-in 4G SIM, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, a fingerprint reader, and mmWave sensors for collision detection were used. Because the item under examination was a prototype, some of its more exciting features were unavailable.

The current version is virtually identical to the beta version tested last year. The button is now in front of the right-hand fingerprint reader. The D-pad on the left handle, on the other hand, has received a minor tweak. The only other noticeable difference is that the dot-matrix display has been flattened and made easier to see. One of the critical elements that we were unable to investigate was the app. Because of the different activities that take place on a bike, having a user-friendly software is very important.

The Urtopia bike is a fixed gear, single hub motor ebike with three levels of speed assistance. The 360wh battery on the 30lb/15kg city bike allows it to travel over 60 miles. Urtopia is not a standard bicycle, despite having many of the traditional attributes of an ebike. Urtopia is unique in terms of cellular connectivity. The 4G connection, on the other hand, is in charge of a few distinct features. The app provides details about each route you took.

Similarly, the app allows you to access your bike whenever you want. If your bike is stolen, the thief should have plenty of time to track it down. Without a question, it is the most connected bike in the world. The fingerprint sensor, which was introduced, works quite well. It allows you to swiftly turn off an alarm or start a bike. It makes no difference if you ride your bike without using your finger to unlock it. To activate the alarm, you must first turn it on.

mmWave sensors are a unique feature that draws attention. Their role is to detect vehicles approaching from the side or rear. As a notification, any information will be made public. You can use the onboard navigation function to acquire turn instructions after entering a location into the app. The speaker and display on the handlebars make it simple to listen to and watch audio and video.

The “smart bar” is another feature that allows you to enjoy both music and video. One example is wirelessly playing music through the bike’s speaker. Another idea is “game mode,” which allows you to utilise the control buttons to play Snake on the screen. Of course, doing so while moving is a bad idea.

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