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Users Will Be Allowed To Appeal Account Suspensions, Twitter

Beginning on February 1, Twitter users will be able to dispute account suspensions and will be subject to the social media site’s new reinstatement rules.

Twitter accounts will only be cancelled under the new standards, which came after billionaire Elon Musk purchased the company in October, for major or persistent violations of the platform’s rules.

Participating in illegal content or behaviour, threatening or inciting destruction or violence, and particularly harassing other users are all examples of serious policy violations.

Instead of suspending accounts, Twitter said it will now take less severe steps, such as limiting the audience of messages that violate company policies or asking users to remove tweets before using the account again.

Musk was chastised in December for blocking the accounts of several journalists in reaction to a dispute over the publication of open data about the billionaire’s plane. He later restored the accounts.

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