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Ushna Shah Asks An Intriguing Question On Twitter

  • Ushna Shah asked a joking question.
  • She feels that domestic help reacts differently to both men and women.
  • She was validated multiple times.

Ushna Shah, an actor, asked her Twitter followers an intriguing question about the neighbourhood housekeepers. She claimed that a housekeeper does her tasks more efficiently when the male members of the family assign her the task.

The Habs diva posted a “very honest question” to Pakistani ladies on Thursday. Do you ever notice how domestic assistance reacts differently to men and women? When a “Sahab” assigns a work, it is accomplished faster and more efficiently than if it is assigned to the housewives, in my experience.

She has received several recommendations from people all around the world, and this is true not only for Pakistan, but for the entire world. This has been done for quite some time.

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