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What Was The COMSATS Quiz That Was Vulgar?

Education debates spread like wildfire, and COMSATS Islamabad University is the most recent college to become embroiled in a major controversy. Once an inquiry letter and a quiz from an English composition paper for a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering programme went viral, the university came under fire. In every way, the question contradicted Islamic Republic of Pakistan policy and encouraged incest.

Following a “extremely ugly” and “immoral” question that baffled pupils and enraged social media, the institute fired the teaching member.

According to the material, the students were supposed to write a 300-word essay on the problematic issue during their English exam in December of last year.

The unusual situation was explained in the paragraph under “The Julie and Mark Situation.”

Aur Sunao - What Was The COMSATS Quiz That Was Vulgar?

Julie and Mark, siblings, conclude that having a sexual encounter would be interesting and fun. At the very least, it would be a new experience for all of them. According to the section of the quiz asking students to express their ideas on the siblings’ sexual conduct, Mark uses a condom and Julie was already using birth control pills.

When there was a student outrage, the Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST) directed the university to conduct an investigation and report the government about the steps taken.

The sensitive issue has piqued the interest of the Ministry of Science and Technology, which has directed the university administration to conduct an investigation and penalise any “shady staff.”

The ministry noted in a letter that the quiz’s content was “very disrespectful, utterly against the curriculum laws of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, and caused disruption among the children’s families.”

Politicians, journalists, celebrities, and others requested that the professor face serious punishment for attempting to normalise obscenity in society.

Due to an unsuitable quiz, a case against a lecturer from COMSATS University Islamabad (CUI) has also been sought to be registered at the Shehzad Town police station in the federal capital.

The complainant, Muhammad Altaf, stated in his application that the instructor had provided an insulting question in the English exam that violated societal norms and Islamic beliefs.

According to the applicant, the complainant is a resident of Islamabad’s Chak Shahzad district and the head of the Pakistani ideological party’s attorneys section.

Netizens were equally outraged by the heated quiz, and many wanted the authorities to severely punish those who participated. Senator Mushtaq Ahmed raised the issue in the upper house of parliament, urging the administration to investigate and determine who recruited the university lecturer. Separately, JUI-F leader Maulana Ghafoor Haideri condemned it, alleging that some people were jeopardising children’s futures in the name of English education.

Aur Sunao - What Was The COMSATS Quiz That Was Vulgar?
Aur Sunao - What Was The COMSATS Quiz That Was Vulgar?
Aur Sunao - What Was The COMSATS Quiz That Was Vulgar?
Aur Sunao - What Was The COMSATS Quiz That Was Vulgar?
Aur Sunao - What Was The COMSATS Quiz That Was Vulgar?
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