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WhatsApp Chats Can Now Be Locked With Passwords

The Chat Lock feature, which was accessible in the WhatsApp beta version, is now available to all users. Make sure your app is up to date because people are starting to utilize it.

What’s Chat Lock

You may safeguard certain chats with a password or fingerprint unlocks using WhatsApp’s new Chat Lock feature for more privacy. You can do this to preserve your most private conversations without having to entirely lock the app.

Despite WhatsApp’s reputation for end-to-end encryption, anyone with access to your phone can still read your messages. If you’re concerned about prying eyes, Chat Lock should make it easier to hand up your phone to someone else.

How It’s Works

Your closed chats will be moved to a password- or biometric-protected secure folder. The sender’s name or the contents of their alerts are not displayed in these chats. It works in the same way as Apple’s iCloud does for hidden photos.

Aur Sunao - WhatsApp Chats Can Now Be Locked With Passwords

A chat can be easily locked. Holding down the chat you want to hide will allow you to lock it. To view restricted chats, drag down the app’s inbox menu. As previously mentioned, the locked folder must then be unlocked using a password or your fingerprint.

More Features Will Be Added Soon

However, WhatsApp has promised to upgrade Chat Lock in the future, so the problem isn’t over.

In the coming months, we’ll add more Chat Lock settings, like locking for companion devices and letting you set a different password for your talks than the one you use for your phone.

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