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WhatsApp Emoji Library Will Be Updated Soon, With Dozens Of New Ones Added

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging programs accessible today. Even if it lacks the most recent capabilities, WhatsApp offers a few options that are unique to it, such as support for significantly bigger groups through Communities.

WhatsApp is currently working to add support for more than 20 new emojis authorized by the Unicode Consortium. Emojis will finally allow you to offer your friends a genuine high five.

In the middle of September, the Unicode Consortium agreed to the Unicode 15 standard. This new standard adds 4,489 new characters, including 20 new emoji (31 if you include every skin tone variation).

WABetaInfo, a well-known WhatsApp feature tracker, tested the application’s most recent beta release. It was discovered that the messaging service now supports 21 Unicode 15 emoticons.

The exact date is unknown, but the 21 new emojis should be available to beta testers worldwide soon. Additionally, WhatsApp programmers have modified the appearance of eight older emoticons. The emojis ‘pleading’ and ‘holding back tears’ have the most distinct visual distinctions.

Take a look at the screenshot below.

Samsung was the first company to include Unicode15 emojis in its OneUI5 Android 13 version, beating out Google and other major smartphone OEMs. An angel’s wings, a Wi-Fi emblem, and three distinct colored hearts are among them. Because these unique characters are available on WhatsApp, it may be easier to find the appropriate emoji.

WhatsApp recently got the option to send self-messages. Message Yourself, as the name suggests, allows you to initiate a conversation with yourself in order to preserve messages, media, documents, and other things for later use. It functions similarly to Telegram, Slack, and other messaging apps. You can use this feature to transfer files between devices.

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