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WhatsApp Group: ‘Profile Icons’ To Make Identification Easier In Chats Soon

WhatsApp is aware of this, which is why the company has just launched a beneficial tool that addresses the issue. According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp recently received an update that displays profile icons and/or images next to each message submitted to a group conversation.

This new beta-testing technology will make it easier for consumers to read through lengthy group chats.

Have you ever had to read a lengthy WhatsApp group discussion? If you answered yes, you understand how tough it is to filter through each communication and locate its origins in order to understand the overall conversation.

Users would be able to accurately distinguish messages from different members of a WhatsApp group if each message included their profile picture. This is especially useful when there are two or more members of a group with the same name, as viewing the members’ faces with their communications eliminates any misconceptions.

The new version, dubbed “profile icons,” is now only available to a restricted set of beta testers. Because the Android version of the function is still being developed, it is expected that iOS devices will be the first to gain the feature.

When a group member does not have a profile photo or it is hidden, the product, according to WABetaInfo, will display a default empty profile photo. This default symbol is easily recognised due to its distinguishing qualities, including its colour, which corresponds to the appropriate contact name.

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