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WhatsApp New Feature Can Customize Now Your Chats

WhatsApp, messaging platform offers something novel and exciting.

Users will be able to customise their conversation by selecting “customise chat.”

WhatsApp, one of the most popular messaging apps, improves on a daily basis. WhatsApp’s developers strive to constantly improve and introduce new features.

WhatsApp has added a new function to better serve its users this time. WhatsApp will improve with an upcoming version that will allow users to edit messages.

The new smart function allows users to personalise texts.

WhatsApp Text Editor Will Be Extended Beyond Messages

According to a source, the enhanced feature will provide customers with a distinct text editing experience. While WhatsApp’s Beta version has already been launched, beta testers can now use the text editing features.

Although the primary goal of this function is text editing, the paper argues that it will give additional benefits. Thanks to a new feature called quality, users will be able to change more files using WhatsApp.

Users can, however, edit the text, images, GIFs, videos, and other elements. The beta version is currently only available to Android users. But, a strategy is being developed for the iOS operating system.

In addition, if users desire to use a different font style than the ones supplied, they can use the capability to change the fonts for their classes.

Furthermore, the personalization tool allows users to add text to films, images, and GIFs. This means that a user can alter the words and add them to your media assets before sharing.

The text can also be positioned suitably by the user. The user can also change the text background colours. This allows the user to highlight or change the colour of the text to make it stand out from the surrounding text.

But, users of the messaging app can change text messages that have already been sent. According to reports, the choice will be available for 15 minutes after text transmission.

Yet, the move was made in response to millions of WhatsApp users’ requests to correct mistakes or embarrassing messages forwarded to other individuals in group or private chats.

The capability is being developed and will be offered to users soon. Users will be able to edit messages on the app by holding down a certain message, which is an exciting feature.

Although the edit is presently being evaluated, it is expected that some changes will be made.

Furthermore, the new enhanced features will help users all over the world utilise WhatsApp more successfully, allowing for more flexible and easy communication.

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