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WhatsApp Web Users May Soon Have A Screen Lock

More privacy enhancements for WhatsApp are apparently in the works, this time exclusively for WhatsApp Web users.

Logging onto WhatsApp over the web can be dangerous, especially if the user is not at their workstation. WhatsApp has just implemented Web screen locks that encrypt user data with a password to avoid this.

WhatsApp Beta Info has provided numerous facts about this new security check. WhatsApp has notified us that this new functionality will be tested with beta users.

According to reports, WhatsApp will make this security feature available to its users, and once it does, every login will require a password to access information. WhatsApp is unlikely to make it the default setting for its Web version; users can access and use it as they see fit by heading to settings.

However, this WhatsApp security feature goes beyond passwords. Given that most handsets now enable biometrics, WhatsApp has given the option to log in using a fingerprint sensor. However, iPhone and Mac users are unlikely to be able to do so.

Furthermore, WhatsApp will not lock you out if you forget your lock screen password. By connecting the device via QR codes on the Web platform, WhatsApp users will be able to log out of the desktop version instead.

With the rise of data breaches and privacy incursions, such a feature on WhatsApp Web will always look out for you. This feature has a decent likelihood of becoming available to all users because it is both useful and important for privacy.

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