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WhatsApp’s New Exclusive Feature For iOS Users

WhatsApp has now introduced a brand fresh feature only for iOS users. WhatsApp typically releases features that are compatible with both Android and iOS users, rather than focusing solely on one platform. WhatsApp delivers new features and capabilities for both users on a regular basis.

This time, however, the corporation only provided a unique and distinguishing feature for the iOS operating system. Furthermore, the new function will not be available to Android users right away.

The corporation provides updates on the new feature via the TestFlight Beta Program. According to the company, the finished feature has a version number of The beta-testing version is called Voice Message Transcription.

Voice Message Transcription (VMT)

Because of the unique and new voice message transcription functionality, users can read the text instead of listening to an audio message. When a user is away from home or unavailable because of work, it converts voice messages to text for them to read.

When the user is unable to play the audio, this feature is without a doubt a fantastic idea. As a result, communication will be straightforward and transparent.

The function is presently available to beta testers through the iOS TestFlight App. WhatsApp may add more beta testers and roll out the new functionality to more of its customers in the coming days.

How Does Voicemail Transcription Work?

WhatsApp users can enable the function. As the user enters the section, a bubble will appear beneath the voice messages. This makes the text easier to grasp for the user.

This functionality will be enabled automatically after an update. They have the choice to disable it if they do not wish to use it.

To deactivate it,
Go to WhatsApp Settings,
Voice Message Transcript.

It is critical to remember that the new functionality always keeps end-to-end encryption. This occurs as a result of the transcription being performed by the user’s phone. What’s most intriguing is that it makes use of the language packs that are already loaded on your device.

Given that it makes use of iOS 16’s newest APIs, which allow speech transcriptions to be performed locally on the device, transcription may not be available on all iOS devices.

Choose Search

Thanks to the most recent transcription feature, users can now search through voice messages for specific information. To prevent making things possible, the device will index the voice transcription automatically.

When there are a lot of voice messages, it gives a search feature to help consumers find the exact item they’re looking for.

The user must additionally input the precise keyword they are looking for within the voice note in the search window.

The transcribing tool will highlight the text from the selected voice message. Users will benefit from saving time by not having to listen to each audio recording to find the appropriate message.

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