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Whatsapp’s New Functionality, Making Voice And Video Calls Will Be Easy

WhatsApp is launching a beta version of its most recent update for Android users, which will simplify voice and video calling.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, the business that owns Facebook and WhatsApp, earlier unveiled the function on the online social media and social networking site. It was disabled for iOS and Android users, but for unknown reasons.

The most recent version of the social messaging app now has a function that allows users to create a call link and can be installed.

To find out if the feature is active for your account, go to the calls page and check for the “create call link” option. If the option is available, you can start making calls with a shareable link.

You can choose to make an audio or video call. When more than two people join the call, it can be converted into a group call. End-to-end encryption is also used, making it difficult for anybody else to join or overhear the discussion.

Users can only share links with people they know and want to include in the call. The caller’s phone number will be visible to everyone on the line.

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