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Which Is Healthier Option, “Stevia” Or “Sugar”

Is Stevia healthier than sugar? This subject has also been addressed.

These are some differences between sugar and artificial sweeteners:

The health effects of sugar

  • Obesity
  • Heart problems
  • liver and cholesterol metabolism
  • Diabetes

Stevia vs sugar: which is better?

Although sugar has been consumed for thousands of years, excessive consumption can be hazardous to one’s health.

Stevia, a natural sweetener that provides sweetness without calories, is a preferable alternative to sugar.

As people become more aware of the negative effects of sugar, stevia is becoming increasingly popular as a natural sugar alternative.

Stevia should not be taken in place of a healthy, balanced diet and lifestyle; rather, it should be used sparingly.

The advantages of stevia versus sugar

These are some advantages to using Stevia instead of sugar as a sweetener:

  1. There are no calories.
  2. low glycemic index
  3. There is no tooth injury.
  4. antioxidant properties
  5. suitable for consumption
  6. environmental friendliness
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