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Why does the show ‘Tere Bin’ keep giving off an Indian drama vibe?

Yumna Zaidi is one of my favourite actors, and I like seeing her plays, although I haven’t watched her most recent drama, “Tere Bin.”

The drama, like “Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3,” has been talked about since it was announced, even before the first episode was released.

Yumna Zaidi, in my opinion, is the sort of actress who would always choose a good character and an intriguing narrative over everything else. However, I’m not sure why she opted to work on a project that so closely resembles a typical Indian drama. Do you concur?

Meerub’s Unawareness of her Real Parents

It’s simply another day for Meerub, a mature and aspirant girl who lives with her parents and sees her relatives in Pakistan on a regular basis (who make sure you don’t miss any little life gossip). Meerub is unaware that her father was not her real father.

Meerub, a clever, intelligent, and aware woman, discovers her biological father one day. Certainly, something similar happening in Pakistan. Has it? The plot is a carbon replica of an Indian drama.

Loving-hating Relationship

Meerub (Yumna Zaidi) and Murtasim (Wahaj Ali) agree to marry under certain conditions, like in every previous Indian drama. After all, who in Pakistan marries on the basis of a contract? Indians are more likely to appear in their dramas.

The Indian bride also modelled Meerub’s whole bridal costume for her wedding, including her garlands, matha patti, and nath. Let’s not even get started on how they both posed for the photo—it was like seeing an Indian soap on a Pakistani station.

Cringe-worthy Wedding Dance 

When I arrived at this scene, I was struck by how much the drama reminded me of Indian soap operas. Tere Bin drew the attention of social media users after an elaborate dance performance by Haya (playwright Sabeena Farooq). Several Bollywood tunes, like “Maar Dala,” “Dewaani Mastaani,” and others, impacted her humiliating dance technique.

Murtasim’s Shawl

Yes! You choose correctly! Murtasim’s shawl has recently gotten a lot of attention. Again, our Murtasim carried the shawl excellently throughout the episode, much like in the Bollywood classic “Mohabbataein.”

New Romantic Spot? Holy Shrine  

Humayun Saeed‘s Punjab Nahi Jaungi has the first scene in which I observed a shrine and its connection to love. Since then, I’ve seen the bulk of programmes, particularly ones on GEO that emphasise family reunions (boy and girl). This did not appear uncommon until I realised who did it. Because Pakistanis never congregate at shrines, it is a hallowed site for us. Then I realised that “dargahs,” “darbars,” and “mannat murads” are only seen in Indian theatre.

Despite multiple loops, viewers are taken aback by the drama. Yumna Zaidi is a good actor, however I’m not sure if I should start watching the show. One thing is certain: if I do watch the drama inspired by Indian soap operas, I’d rather watch the original Indan soap since the quality would be superior.

A wonderful reminder: Indians enjoy Pakistani plays because of our literature, strong characters, little makeup, beautiful dressed-up performers, and a series of 30 episodes! Simply keep being unique!

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