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Why Shahid Afridi Chose Shaheen To Be His Son-In-Law

Shahid Afridi, a famous Pakistani cricketer, recently described why he chose Shaheen Afridi to be the father of her first daughter and his son-in-law.

Shahid Afridi and Shaheen Afridi appeared together on a special Eid programme of Samaa Tv, where they discussed their personal lives in depth.

Our families used to know each other for a long time, our ancestors used to be very close with each other, Shaheen’s family is a very respectable family, Shaheen Afridi’s parents are like my parents, our families developed a few differences in between, Shahid Afridi explained when asked why he chose Shaheen Afridi to be his son-in-law.

Shaheen Afridi’s reputation was good, his family was good, then it all began two years ago, and I took my time to observe Shaheen, also, I got to know good things about him, and that’s why I chose him, he explained.

Shaheen Afridi, on the other side, addressed the qualities of his wife that he admired and revealed that, before to 2019, he had a crush on Ansha Afridi, who is now his wife.

Ansha has many qualities, but Shaheen Afridi said his favourite is her loyalty to her family, particularly her parents and brothers.

According to Shahid Afridi, Ansha Afridi has undergone major, positive changes since marrying Shaheen Shah Afridi.

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