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Why Ushna Shah Deactivated Her Instagram Account

Ushna Shah, who recently married the love of her life, never holds back when it comes to expressing her feelings.

Ushna Shah’s wedding, on the other hand, was not without incident. First and foremost, she was mocked for wearing a red lehenga, which vividly invoked Indian culture. Ushna lost control of the situation as several guests infringed on her privacy and she raged at a blogger for leaking her images.

Ushna Shah revealed in her most recent Instagram story that she was tired of the trolls and was abandoning social media because she was tired of them.

A few days before deactivating her account, the Balaa actress brilliantly responded to trolls who chastised her for wearing an Indian-inspired bridal gown. To those who are offended by my outfit: You were not invited, and you did not pay for my shade of red, the newlywed bride stated in an Instagram story after receiving repeated criticism for her Indian-inspired ensemble. My jewellery, my jora: totally Pakistani, Ushna Shah says.

Much attention was drawn to Ushna’s outfit yesterday because she wore a red gown evocative of an Indian wedding.

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