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Windows Enhances Gaming Hardware Performance And Fixes Crashing Bug

The Windows 11 cumulative update, which began to be released to computers last week, includes a few new features aimed towards gamers.

Microsoft highlighted a feature in the July cumulative update (KB5028185), namely a tweak that will boost the performance of some top-tier gaming mice. Windows Latest addressed this.

According to a Microsoft software developer, the July 2023 update will boost gaming performance for certain of you. Using a mouse with a high gaming report rate improves performance [July 2023 Update].

A mouse’s position may be verified on a regular basis thanks to a high polling rate, also known as a report rate, which boosts accuracy.

However, Windows 11 has been causing issues with high polling rate mouse, resulting in a stuttering effect. This is due to the high demands placed on the operating system’s input stack, which can get overworked when a high report rate mouse is used in conjunction with several additional gaming devices, such as those used for streaming.

The KB5028185 update was effective in eliminating these stuttering issues, which is fantastic news.

The removal of a critical problem that causes Timeout Detection and Recovery (TDR) issues will have a significant positive impact on PC users as well.

These errors can cause games to become unresponsive or to end abruptly, which can be quite unpleasant, especially if any unsaved progress is lost.

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