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Xiaomi, Oppo, And Realme Are Stealing Your Mobile Data, According To Research

According to recent investigations, major phone manufacturers such as Xiaomi, Oppo, OnePlus, and others are stealing personal information from your smartphones. This information appears to be obtained without the users’ knowledge or consent, which could allow tracking and identification of phone owners.

According to a Cornell University study published in the United States, Chinese phone makers capture massive amounts of private data via their various operating systems (OS) and built-in apps.

Many private parties are stealing the data at issue, and researchers are concerned that these Chinese devices could:

Large volumes of personally identifiable information (PII) are transferred to Chinese mobile network operators, device vendors, and service providers such as Baidu.

To quantify data loss, researchers used network analysis on a variety of devices received from Chinese suppliers. The team assumed the device user was a privacy-conscious individual who had avoided using cloud storage or other third-party services, refused to provide analytics and personalization data to providers, and refused to submit location data.

Overall, our findings present a troubling picture of the condition of user data privacy in the world’s largest Android market, emphasising the critical need for tougher privacy regulations to restore public trust in technology businesses, many of which are partially controlled by the government.

What Types of Data Are Collected?

The study discovered that the personally identifiable information (PII) being collected included highly sensitive information, as well as basic user data such as phone numbers and persistent device identifiers (IMEI and MAC addresses, advertising IDs, and so on), geolocation data that can reveal a user’s precise location, and information about social connections such as contacts and phone and text metadata.

It is Unstoppable

According to the researchers, there is no mechanism to opt out of this data collection. Despite the fact that each country has its own privacy laws that should influence how information is collected, data collection continues even after the device and user leave China.

According to the investigation, data was transferred to them even when Chinese cell operators were not providing service, such as when no SIM card was present in the device.

The concerned gadget manufacturers have not responded to a request for comment.

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