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Yasir Nawaz Apologizes To Alizeh Shah For Speaking About Her ‘Unprofessional’

Yasir Nawaz, a producer and actor, described Alizeh Shah’s behavior as “haughty and unprofessional,” and extended his condolences to the actress.

The actor later apologized to Alizeh Shah in a subsequent remark. Regarding the talk show question, What was your issue with Alizeh Shah or what was the matter that you had to come to live for that? Please forget about it; it’s an old story now, and I’ve already discussed it extensively, Yasir Nawaz responded. Please leave that topic alone. I’d rather not discuss it.

Alizeh, I want to apologize to you; I made a terrible mistake; I shouldn’t have taken your name; I could have kept quiet; may you be happy and get a lot of good work, he added.

He said that a character like Alizeh Shah is important for the theater business in Pakistan. I also want us to be able to work together. Yasir said, I’ve come to realize that we shouldn’t let such lies and propaganda fool us.

Disagreement Between Alizeh Shah And Yasir Nawaz

Yasir Nawaz claimed on a chat show in 2021 that working with Alizeh on “Mera Dil Mera Dushman” was difficult. Yasir went on to say that he would never work with her again. Later, when asked about Yasir Nawaz’s claims that working with him was particularly difficult, Alizeh said that everyone is different and that it is frequently difficult to connect with everyone. She claimed that you can’t be good to everyone all of the time because your workplace and family are so similar.

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