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You May Now Message Yourself On Whatsapp

We’ve all resorted to surreptitiously using old blocked contacts on WhatsApp to scrawl down shopping lists and other stuff, but that’s no longer necessary thanks to WhatsApp new feature that allows users to interact with one another.

After spending a long time in the beta version, the functionality has now arrived in the live version of WhatsApp for both Android and iOS devices.

The message yourself option, as the name suggests, allows you to hold a private chat with yourself. It can be used to construct a to-do list, notes to oneself, or even positive affirmations.

Another advantage of this capacity is the ability to keep important documents that you may need at any time.

Transferring small files from your phone to desktop will become easier now that you may just send small files to yourself and download them on your computer or phone.

WhatsApp has been testing this feature since October and has now decided to make it public.

WhatsApp, on the other hand, has taken some time to catch up with other platforms that have been providing the service since the beginning, such as Telegram, Slack, and even Facebook Messenger.

Do you want to start your own WhatsApp chat? However, you will have to wait because the deployment is incremental, and subscribers in Pakistan have not yet received an upgrade, though they should shortly.

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