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You Will Be Able To Search For Words In YouTube Videos

According to the details, users will have access to a “search in video button,” which would allow them to explore a YouTube video transcript.

The company recently announced that it will improve YouTube search results and is testing a technology that will allow users to search terms within videos. Google has worked hard in recent years to improve its search results.

But does having this choice inside the YouTube app really make sense? It will not appear in the YouTube app, but rather when a user searches for a word that yields videos.

When a person searches for something on Google and gets a YouTube video in return, they can now readily see where and how precisely that term is utilized in the film. Google noticed that it is tough for customers to watch a whole movie simply to view one search result.

When a YouTube video shows in a search result, users will always see a “search in video” option next to it. When you click the button, the video transcript will open and mark the exact location where the word was spoken.

This will undoubtedly be a terrific tool, particularly for YouTube channels who provide instructions. This is because they will see an increase in Google search traffic.

Google automatically generates a transcript for every video uploaded to YouTube, ensuring that the function is used effectively and responsibly.

When this upgrade was being developed and tested a year ago, YouTube stated that iOS and Android users would be able to search transcripts. Users can now view transcripts, although they cannot yet search through them. Do you think Google will include the feature alongside the search in video feature?

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