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Supreme Court Has Denied Azam Swati’s Stay In Quetta’s Judicial Lodgings

  • According to the Supreme Court, judicial lodges are only used by active and retiring judges.
  • According to the highest court, Sen. stayed at the Balochistan Judicial Academy.
  • Rest house managed and supervised by SC’s registrar office, according to the statement.

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court of Pakistan denied Senator Azam Khan Swati’s appeal to remain at the Quetta courthouses on Sunday. He is the PTI’s leader.

Senator Swati addressed about the allegedly disrespectful videos of him and his wife that were circulating online the day before at a press conference. Furthermore, the footage was allegedly taken while he was staying at the Supreme Court’s guest house in Quetta.

The Supreme Court categorically denied the claim, emphasizing that the rest home is solely for serving and retired judges of the Supreme Court and is overseen and governed by the registrar’s office.

The Supreme Court of Pakistan declared in a statement that Mr. Muhammad Azam Swati never used or stayed at the judges’ rest residence in Quetta.

According to the province’s special branch, the senator was staying at the Balochistan Judicial Academy (Judicial Complex Quetta), according to the SC’s public relations office.

However, the Supreme Court has no authority over the Quetta Judicial Complex.

Remember that the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) only declared the aforementioned video to be a forgery a day ago. The agency informed the public of its findings after conducting a forensic examination of the film in accordance with international forensic analysis standards.

According to the statement, the film was made with deep deceptive instruments to generate misunderstanding and defame the honorable Senator.

Balochistan Judicial Academy Has Rejected, Swati’s Stay Report

The Balochistan Judicial Academy, on the other hand, has denied the special branch of Balochistan’s assertion that Swati was a visitor on its Quetta residence.

The report of Special Branch Balochistan regarding the Balochistan Judicial Academy is misconceived and baseless, the statement said, adding that the academy has been operating for academic purposes since September 2019 in an old building on Anscomb Road in Quetta with no accommodations or rest areas.

Rashid Mehmood, Director-General of the Balochistan Judicial Academy, signed the statement, which also stated that the academy had previously operated on a rental basis in two rooms and a small hall inside the grounds of Balochistan University Law College on Quetta’s Khojjak Road for academic purposes.

The academy did not have lodging or a rest house at the time, according to the statement.

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