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WhatsApp For Windows Is Now Beta Testing A Separate Call Logs Tab

WhatsApp users have had access to the benefits of multi-device support for some time, and it was recently expanded to cover the usage of a second smartphone.

When using WhatsApp on a PC, you can make voice and video conversations with a connected device, but there is no call tracking option. That is changing as WhatsApp begins testing a new call log for its Windows app.

It may take many months for new WhatsApp mobile features to surface on connected Windows or macOS PCs. The wait for self-messaging on them has only recently begun, but we may have already waited too long for a separate call log. The log is only viewable on your primary smartphone, however you may always open certain groups or conversations and call them.

In this comparison, the sidebar from the most recent beta is compared to the sidebar from WhatsApp’s stable version for Windows (right)

With beta version 2.2240.1.0, WhatsApp for Windows is testing a new feature to the sidebar on the left side of the UI, which is meant to allow you to see all of your voice and video calls in one area. Because the feature is still in beta, it’s likely that calls from your linked devices aren’t always logged on your main smartphone, resulting in some anomalies in your call history.

This call log tab’s beta is presently available through the Microsoft Store and will soon be available on additional devices. Although the Meta-owned firm will ultimately bring this feature to the stable version of the Windows client, it will be a long time before all of your linked devices utilize WhatsApp in the same way.

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