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China Launched The World’s First Hydrogen Train Which Goes 160km/h

China is a country that is rapidly developing. China now has the world’s first hydrogen urban train, which was built collaboratively by CRRC and Chengdu Railway Group.

The train’s high-tech specifications include crucial components from the high-speed “Fuxing” train. The majority of it is made up of four trains, each with a peak speed of 160 km/h. The automobile also has an integrated “hydrogen power system,” which provides a strong and long-lasting power source. It can travel 600 kilometres on a single battery.

The train will benefit the public by utilising cutting-edge technologies. The train is powered by a combination of supercapacitors and hydrogen fuel cells.

The fuel cell, which is based on modern technology, generates energy when hydrogen and oxygen react electrochemically.

Furthermore, the train has a maximum passenger capacity of 1,502 and is outfitted with all possible sophisticated intelligent driving technologies. Automatic start, stop, and return to the depot are also featured. Along with a variety of advanced monitoring systems and sensors, the 5G high-capacity train-to-ground link enables multi-network integration and in-depth data analysis. The goal is to analyse the operating status of the trains in order to improve safety.

The city’s hydrogen-powered train heralds a new era in ecologically friendly and low-carbon urban transportation. Furthermore, it will promote the growth and innovation of industrial chains linked to hydrogen energy.

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