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Honda Reveals Elegant Design Of New EV For China

Honda debuted a brand-new and stunning design for its electric concept car in China, giving consumers a sneak glimpse at its impending production models. The Honda e:N2 Concept follows the e:N prototypes launched last year, looking more polished and production-ready while incorporating the most modern Honda Sensing 360 ADAS suite. In a statement, Honda CEO Toshihiro Mibe noted,

Honda is transforming into an electric brand in China, offering a selection of distinctive and diverse electric mobility items that only Honda can give.

Aur Sunao - Honda Reveals Elegant Design Of New EV For China
Aur Sunao Honda Reveals Elegant Design Of New EV For China

The sleek design of the e:N2 Concept blurs the line between hatchbacks and sedans. Honda did not reveal the vehicle’s dimensions, but we expect the production model to compete with EVs such as the Tesla Model 3, the BYD Seal, and the unique Toyota bZ3 for China.

The concept was developed by a group of young Chinese elites who are on the cutting edge of global electrification and intelligent technology and are familiar with Chinese consumer wants. It keeps elements like the angular LED lighting units and the lit logos, giving it the illusion of being a style progression of the e: N Coupe.

The interior of the dashboard is simple, with touch controls, a hidden screen, and a head-up display. The rectangular shape of the steering wheel, the floating center tunnel, and the majority of the dashboard, doors, and seats’ white textured fabric are all highlights. Despite the concept’s use of the futuristic e:N OS, the company stated that a new edition of the Honda Connect infotainment system with artificial intelligence will be available in Spring 2023.

Aur Sunao - Honda Reveals Elegant Design Of New EV For China
Aur Sunao Honda Reveals Elegant Design Of New EV For China

The eN:2 comes standard with the most latest version of Honda Sensing 360 ADAS, which will also be included in the future CR-V and Breeze SUVs, as well as the whole Honda lineup by 2030. The gear consists of a forward-facing camera and five millimeter-wave radars that cover the complete 360-degree arc surrounding the vehicle with greater range and precision. The ADAS package’s “Traveling Prophet” feature warns drivers of approaching autos in low-visibility intersections. It can change lanes on the highway autonomously and slow down automatically when turning.

The Honda e:N2 Concept is on show at the China International Import Export Exhibition in Shanghai. Reading between the lines, it’s possible that one of the ten new Honda-branded EVs to be released by 2027 will be an evolution of this concept.

The concept is built on the front-wheel drive “e:N Architecture F,” one of Honda’s EV-specific platforms that will accommodate various production versions in the future. The capacity of the floor-mounted battery and the power of the electric motor, as seen in the images, are unknown to us. According to Honda, the chassis layout combines “comfort” and “driving pleasure,” offering precise feedback to the driver.

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