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Imran Khan’s Arrest Warrant Issued In Response To Controversial Remarks Made Towards A Female Judge

  • Khan has been arrested by the magistrate of Islamabad’s Margalla Police Station.
  • FIR incorporates sections from the Pakistan Penal Code 506, 504, 189, and 188. (PPC).
  • IHC has issued an arrest warrant for Khan due to his inability to appear in court.

According to a Saturday report by Geo News, the magistrate at Islamabad’s Margalla Police Station has issued an arrest warrant for PTI Chairman Imran Khan.

The local magistrate issued an arrest warrant in response to a complaint submitted on August 20 against the PTI chief for his statements against Additional District and Sessions Judge Zeba Chaudhry.

The FIR contains four PPC sections: 506 (punishment for criminal intimidation), 504 (intentional insult with intent to instigate breach of peace), 189 (threat to hurt public servant), and 188.

Contempt proceedings have been initiated against the former prime minister in response to his contentious remarks about additional district and sessions judges.

The judge issued an arrest order for Khan due to his absence from court.

The warrant was issued by the Islamabad High Court (IHC) just hours after the former prime minister delivered an affidavit in a contempt case against him.

PTI Leaders Fear That The Government Would “Regret” This Decision

When the warrant was issued, PTI leader Asad Umar asked the government not to jail Imran Khan, saying they would “regret” the decision.

According to former information minister Fawad Chaudhry, issuing a warrant on such a “poor” grounds is pointless.

He said on Twitter that obtaining warrants based on ineffective legal provisions and a frivolous lawsuit that wasn’t essential had resulted in a media circus.

Shibli Faraz Refutes Claims That Khan Escaped

Senator Shibli Faraz shared a photo of the PTI leader feeding his dogs at home to dispel rumours that he had fled to an unknown location.

Aur Sunao - Imran Khan's Arrest Warrant Issued In Response To Controversial Remarks Made Towards A Female Judge

According to the author, Imran Khan is presently feeding dogs while rumours of a police arrest circulate.

“Legal Process”

The Islamabad Police indicated in a brief statement sent on its Twitter account that issuing an arrest warrant is a legal procedure.

The order was granted to secure Khan’s appearance in court since he had failed to appear for the last session, according to the statement.

Islamabad Police, Khan has not yet sought for his sessions court bail. Khan will be detained if he does not appear in court at the next session, according to the statement.

Khan Submits An Affidavit

Imran Khan avoided issuing an unqualified apology in a contempt case earlier today when he submitted his defence to the IHC for the third time.

On September 22, Khan surprisingly apologised to the IHC and assured the court that he would not make such a remark again, prompting the court to postpone his indictment.

Friday, the PTI chairman appeared in Judge Chaudhry’s court and informed court employees that he wanted to apologise to the judge, but she was on leave.

In his most recent statement, Khan did not express sorrow for his words, but he did acknowledge that he may have crossed a boundary when making a public speech.

According to Khan’s response affidavit, the deponent (Khan) never intended to threaten the judge […] and that the statement was made with no purpose of taking any action other than legal action.

Imran Khan stated that neither he nor his party intended to take action against the female judge, but he informs the court that he is prepared to explain and clarify this to her.

PTI chairman, the deponent is prepared to apologise to the court if she received the impression that the deponent had crossed a line.

Khan made it plain to the IHC that he would never in the future do anything that would damage the dignity of any court and the judiciary, especially the subordinate courts.

PTI chairman went on to say that he is willing to take whatever extra steps the IHC deems necessary, adding that he never intended to block the court’s work or call the judiciary’s independence or dignity into question.

The former CEO stated that he still stands by his September 22 declaration and assured the court that he will always respect the aforementioned pledge in text and spirit.

During the case hearing on October 3, the IHC will analyze Khan’s response.

The case

August 23, a larger bench of the IHC issued Khan a show-cause notice after they launched contempt of court proceedings against him for making threats against the judge during the demonstration.

On August 20, the PTI chairman addressed a rally in the nation’s capital to voice support for his chief of staff, Shahbaz Gill, who was accused of torture while being jailed.

He threatened to press charges against the inspector general and deputy inspector general of Islamabad for allegedly torturing Gill, stating he would “not spare” them.

Khan then aimed his firearms towards the extra sessions judge who had ordered Gill’s physical remand at the request of the police, advising her to brace herself for the worst.

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