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Parental Control App: Best 3 Apps To Install By PTA

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has encouraged parents to install parental control software on mobile phones and other electronic devices in order to protect their children from any unpleasant situations that may be related to cybercrime.

The telecommunications industry’s regulatory body recently recommended parents to watch their children’s online behavior to prevent them from engaging in cybercrime via the internet or social media, which might lead to criminal consequences for the children.

Online gaming, entertainment, and educational possibilities are common benefits of being online, but there are also risks, such as exposure to inappropriate material and cyberbullying, as well as the possibility of being targeted by online predators.

According to the watchdog, it is quite simple for youngsters to become victims of these sorts of activities if they are not directed or looked over by their parents or instructors.

PTA Suggested Software Product List

PTA has also made accessible to the public a list of parental control software, which includes the following:

Net Nanny

Aur Sunao - Net Nanny - Parental Control App: Best 3 Apps To Install By PTA

Even if summary data on your child’s internet use is useful, NetNanny provides parents with more information via a choice of real-time alternatives. NetNanny, like other parental control programmes, provides more than only the ability for parents to follow their children’s locations in real time.

Parents may specify which content is labeled as “banned” or “restricted,” and they can configure their parental control settings to notify them whenever their child attempts to access a forbidden or restricted website.

Parents may view their children’s online activities in real time by monitoring the family feed within the NetNanny app.

Additional beneficial tools include internet filters, screen time management, app restriction, and digital well-being reports. Although NetNanny cannot be used to monitor your child’s phone calls or texts, its filter is effective on social media sites such as YouTube and TikTok.


Norton is an excellent option if you’re searching for a parental control application to help you limit your child’s screen time. The programme allows parents to do everything from limit their children’s internet time to remotely “pausing” (freezing) their phone.

Up to five devices may be linked to a single account, and the application is compatible with both Android and iOS handsets.


Qustodio stands out among the many excellent parental control programmes available because it allows parents to monitor all of their children’s devices, no matter where they are.

Parents may use this application to limit how much time their children spend on screens while also monitoring how they use their devices, including things like browser history, time spent using certain apps, YouTube views, and more.

Even yet, it only scrapes the surface of this software’s capabilities. Qustodio can notify parents, block unsuitable material and apps, track the location of the device, and listen in on conversations and SMS text messages when a child attempts to access a prohibited website.

Parents also receive daily, weekly, and monthly activity reports on their children, as well as immediate alerts when their children are in potentially harmful circumstances.

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