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Qatari Man Won Gold In Geneva For Making First Smart Prayer Rug In The World

Abdulrahman Saleh Khamis, an engineer from Qatar, made the prayer rug. It has a small screen with lights and built-in speakers that guide you through more than 25 chants.

A Qatari engineer won a gold medal at the 48th International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva for designing Sajadah, the world’s first intelligent prayer mat.

The Sajadah is a smart rug with a small light-up screen and a speaker system that provides simple directions for over 25 Muslim prayers in both English and Arabic while maintaining the appearance of a traditional rug.

Sajdah, the world’s first smart educational prayer rug, teaches new Muslims how to pray correctly and without worry. According to Khamis, who detailed the smart prayer mat in a Twitter tweet, Muslims can improve their prayer experience by reading the Qur’an during Taraweeh, Qyam, and other prayers on Sajdah’s LED screen.

Khamis also posted a promotional video in which he completely explained his award-winning device and illustrated how the “Sajadah” can be operated via a smartphone app, making it a helpful tool for non-Muslims.

New Muslim converts frequently struggle with remembering and reciting numerous salah patterns and ayahs throughout their prayers, but a tool like “Sajadah” can make things much easier for them.

It is unusual for someone to use technology to benefit our religion, but it is past time for more people to follow in the footsteps of folks like Khamis and make items that assist their communities.

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